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Cut and Preserved

by Coarse

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released August 23, 2019


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Coarse New York

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Track Name: The People of the State of New York vs. Coarse
a brace meant for no harm
we'll be patiently awaiting
for your arrival
douse us in fear
erase me.
Track Name: Cut and Preserved [No Heart Remix] (feat. The Armed)
sitting in silence
a new wave of violence
only to be
cut and preserved
fake violence.
fake language.
Track Name: Untitled [Only Death Remix] (feat. Leo Ashline of Street Sects)
only death will bring peace at last.
you want my misery
but I can't figure out what you
pretend to be.
Track Name: Shed (Precious Death Remix feat. Hash Gordon)
tarred and feathered
scarred and weather
replace the skin with fur
are you trying to fit in
or stay warm?

Came from the gutter with a plan, never had shit, was on some mad, look at me wrong, ill bust yo ass shit, ready, action, it was death or this rap shit, you running with the herd? Word? You dying and we laughing. New breed, new blood, here to break ya teeth, who is you? Bird brained niggas, who the fuck are we? A renegade, strapped with a plan, you'll just have to see, sick motherfucker, still discarded by society.

Ask yourself why? You niggas faking for the masses, sweet as pie, march madness, imma sweep you off the bracket, you gon die, remembered as a peasant in a casket, you poppin on the web? I'm Dade Murphy with the hackin'. My bitch like Angelina, smoke you posers like some pack, kid. Niggas jocking swag was the same ones laughing, clout chasing niggas got no vision with yo wack shit, dog eat dog world, I'm Sub-Zero mixed with Katniss. Pull your soul out your body, most you pussies holographic, same nigga from '95 wont fold, black sheep, outcast, blood cold, i wear my own threads, you other clowns need a rope

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